First night of Wyze, freaked me out

I’ve seen a lot of people that have captured similar things on their cameras. Someone please debunk this for me, this weird light set of the motion sensor and freaked me out. I live in a 40 year old house that can have dust and bugs, but this light streak seems too big for that. I slowed it down and it doesn’t look like dust or a bug to me, you can even see the pictures on the wall behind the light streak. Please help me explain, thanks!

*Just tried to upload the video and it won’t let me since I’m a new user.

You’re getting 15 frames a second, but insects are moving at a much faster rate. Think hummingbird. I have a cam in my yard to capture hummingbirds, but their wings beat so fast no matter how much I slow the image, they’re a blur. An insect at night, glowing white in the IR light, produces the same effect… it’s moving so fast it appears as a white line, or a blob, or alien creature. But in the end, it’s just a bug.

Thank you, just got access to post a picture. In your experience is this what a bug looks like on camera? Thanks!

It’s just a blur in the picture, a video would be better to evaluate. But, yes, I’d say it’s just a bug. 99.99999% of the time it’s a bug, a cobweb, a flash of light, a mote of dust…

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