#CapturedOnWyzeCam Contest March/2018

Ghostly entity invades home while out of town.

Captured by WyzeCam on March 26 at 1:19AM CST Niceville Florida.

I have this same thing happen nightly on our Wyze Cam!

Have you discovered the culprit.

That’s a bug. Looks bright white because of night vision. Here in North Carolina it’s usually a fly or small moth that gets caught be the night cam, but in Florida it’s probably a flying cockroach the size of a man’s hand :wink:

I assume it is just dust particles, but not sure… maybe Wyze guys could help us out?

Definitely sounds like you need to call in Agent Mulder!

(It actually is either a small bug or dust particles though, the IR lights can really make those pop in the night vision.)