Wyze Camera App Crashes Wifi network when launched

My home network consists of three Wyze cam v2, One Wyze cam v3, one Wyze cam Outdoor, 5 Wyze color light bulbs, and two Wyze power plugs.

I have a TP Link TL-R500VPN router/gateway, a TP-Link EAp115 AP for my non Wyze devices, and a Unifi UAP-AC-M AP on a separate subnet for all of the wyze devices to connect to.

For months, probably a year or more, I have fought problems with the Wyze devices randomly disconnecting from wifi. The cameras, and the power plugs especially.

I have narrowed it down to a problem with the App, it appears. If I have all the devices simply connected to the wifi, they work. If I attempt to control them from an integrated device, such as google home, they work.
But the moment I launch the app and connect to the camera’s, the wifi dies. It stops transmitting data, and disconnected all devices, not just the Wyze ones. If I kill the app, things go back to normal in a few moments. I can cause the problem to happen if I am on a Samsung Galaxy, Apple iPhone, or Apple ipad. If I am on the TP-Link wifi and connect to the cameras, both wifi’s die. If I connect my phone to the Unifi AP and pull up, only the unifi AP connected devices die.
If I run my phone only on cellular (LTE) and pull up the app, its hit or miss. Sometimes the wifi still dies, some times it limps along.
At this point, the devices are basically unusable. What can I do to help troubleshoot this. I know others have seem the same issue; I’ve found cases on other forums. But no solution.

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Have you submitted a log when this happens? I have never experienced an issue where my network would die.

you can contact Wyze by phone: (206) 339-9646 Available Monday - Friday 5 am - 6 pm PT and Saturday 8 am - 4 pm PT

Or online: Wyze.com/support 1

phone support is typically faster however this isn’t always true due to fluctuation in the amount of calls.

Good Evening,
Yes, I did submit a log when it happened last. Do you know if there is a place I can track the submittel to see if its been reviewed?

Unfortunately, I don’t think there is. I joined the Beta Testing Group and use these forums for feedback. Calling Wyze and indicating you provided a log will generate a ticket and then you can track the ticket via emails.

However, you can always join the beta tester group by going here: Become a Beta Tester – Wyze. Then you can go to the Account area, about, the Beta Program and select which devices you would like to test the Beta FW for in addition to the App. This may be the difference between what you are experiencing.

Did you open a support ticket and give support the log number? You won’t get any information on the log submission by itself. You probably won’t get much from support either but definitely not without tying the log to a ticket.

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so in a little bit of research it look like this is a common problem with the Unifi UAP-AC-M AP. apparently it doesn’t have much memory and crashes rather frequently as it is “easily” overloaded. one of the other issues I see with this system coming up often is signal overlap. I would look more at this point in your system, this appears as though it might be your particular weak point.

just do a quick search for “Unifi UAP-AC-M AP crashes” I used the recent posts feature on google as well so as to not pull up a bunch of older out of date issues. I focused on that as a point of overload because you mentioned that was specific for the Wyze devices to connect to. hope this helps point you in the right direction for a solution.


@Bam’s research and suggestions/ideas seem like something you can control while you are waiting for someone at Wyze to assist. When I say you can control, If you don’t have another router, (which it sounds like you need to swap out), check the manufacturer to insure you have the most recent firmware update.

The manuf forum might have some info too.

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I have the same issue. My network has 3 camV3’s on it and when my wife or I launch the app on our iPhones, the WiFi grinds to a halt. We push 400Mbps over the network easily but once the camera app starts, TVs lose their streams, game systems get kicked off the network, and/or WiFi in general dies.

I go from the modem to a TP-link Deco S4 mesh network. It can handle gigabit speeds but that app seems to kill it. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot this myself without any luck.

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