Several problems at once

I’m suddenly having big problems with my wyze stuff
When I open the app I have 4 cameras in a group like always, but they all say “offline” but if I open any of them, they work fine, go back to the group display and they all say offline

The other problem I have is the both of my wyze plugs have stopped working. I have now deleted them from the app and when I try to add them back I get to the step where the plug is suppose to connect to wifi, but it just sits there and eventually says failed.
I have location on, I’ve turned cellular off,
They just no longer connect to my network.
I updated the firmware on my one access point the other day, but all the settings are the same
I’ve restarted my router, my AP, and my iPhone

Also another issue, I went to post this using the wyze app to get to the forum, and something is wrong with the formatting so that there is no way to enter a title of your post, that field is out of reach and blocked at the top of the screen.

Can anyone help

Longshot here, but worth a try: If you’re running iOS 14 on your iPhone, go to Settings on your phone > Wi-Fi > tap the “i” in a circle to the right of your AP’s SSID > toggle “Private Address” off


hello mike, on october 10th, i updated my 4 wyze cameras as well, which were all working perfectly fine for over a year, and they all now fail to connect to the network as well. I believe there is a bug in their firmware. My syslog shows disconnected due to inactivity or dissociated because device is leaving ESS immediately after the device performs the DHCP request. I wish i had a answer for you on how to fix it, but I am waiting for one myself!

I’m seeing some of the same since the October App update. I updated the 9 cams a couple weeks ago with no issues. Once I updated the App I’m starting to have problems connecting to the cams. I’ve had to kill the app multiple times and restart it to get into different cams. I don’t think it’s an issue related to the last firmware release, but rather an issue with the latest app update.