Wyze Camera Adapter for VCR Security System

Would like to have a coax connection for Wyze Cameras or make an adapter for a VCR to monitor Wyze Cameras. Devise a 4 or 8 or 12 or 16 coax connector to plug into a coax VCR that can detect 4 cameras and input them to a VCR. Add another 4 camera adapter to monitor the next 4 cameras and on and on depending how many inputs there are in a VCR. Some VCR’s have 8, some 12, and some 16. Make a 4 camera adapter and add more if needed. I have a 16 camera system and would need 4 adapters. Most Security System cameras run from $100 to $400. A Wyze Camera would cost much less.

These are not the cameras you’re looking for.

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First of all, I would HIGHLY recommend against a buying a security video recording system that uses any type of coaxial cable connection. Anything that is using coax is an analog video system that is ancient. Analog video recording for security systems is 20 to 30 year old technology (or more) and has largely been obsoleted in the last decade. The video quality on even a cheap digital video system will likely vastly surpass any analog cameras and recording system. Invest in an IP based system instead.

With that said, if you have most any IP based recording system (may just be software on a computer), you CAN use Wyze cameras IF you flash them for Real Time Streaming Protocol (RTSP). Note that Wyze has not released RTSP firmware for the V3 cameras yet, but has indicated that it is coming. RTSP firmware is available for the V2 and Pan cameras.

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