Interface with legacy security cameras

I didn’t see anything directly about the topic when I searched, so I am going to ask.

Would it be possible to get a hub box of some sort that has bnc, rca, or co-ax type cable inputs and could install in place of my aging wired security camera dvr box to allow those cameras to be used by the wyze app? Something like the sprinkler controller, but that takes raw video inputs and uploads them? Better yet, give it an hdmi output jack too that lets me output to a monitor those cameras and any additional Wyze cameras I have.

I have two legacy security camera systems that I check on a regular basis, plus my Wyze system. The app support for one of the systems is bad, and the other is outright terrible, plus that data is going who knows where. Thing is, the dedicated outdoor weatherproof cameras are fantastic and the hardware zooms are much clearer than software. One or two locations on each would be great locations for cam+ too, but are too exposed for a wyze cam. Being able to integrate those cameras with my existing Wyze ones, in a single app, would be fantastic. It could be wired too for internet, because the box(es) being replaced are wired already.

I feel like having an output for a monitor from that sort of hardware could solve some issues with the Wyze cams as security cameras in general too. I could turn any TV into a monitor, ideally controlling the output to it via the app on another device. Instant baby monitor without needing to tie up my phone or tablet, for example. It would let me use my Wyze account regularly through a device controlled by firmware updates vice an app, which would be much easier to setup and maintain for non technical folks. My aging father in law gets glassy eyes once I try to get him on an app on his phone, but if all he had to do to check on his vacation cottage is tune his tv to Wyze input he’d be set. I could combine that with some strategic shortcuts on a Wyze watch or band and he’d be in hog heaven using the Wyze equipment without even knowing it.