Wyze connectivity box for PoE Cameras with HDMI port

Just an idea for a product that I think would work well.

Basically a Wyze box that wired cameras. Poe cameras and pan tilt cameras can plug into. By plugging into the box it will allow power and control of the camera via the Wyze app. This will allow current Wyze users to add extra cameras with extra features like enhanced zoom. Follow pan. Thermal etc to their existing Wyze setup without having to use another app. The port the camera is connected to could be configured in the app to select the camera model etc so the correct control protocol is used. I’m not sure person detection etc would work on these cameras though. Another helpful port would be hdmi in. This would mean a dvr system could be connected so the third party camera records to the dvr then outputs to the Wyze box for viewing in the app. (You would lose camera control though)

A hdmi out would be nice and a built in Wyze app so the system could connect to a monitor or tv for viewing the whole system ( Wyze cams and third party cams locally on one screen)

This could also double as a hub for Wyze sensors and lights etc.

Create sell some type of box that the camera, and devices can connect to that will give a HDMI output
So you can connect view any of the devices you have to a TV