HDMI device for input to Wyze App

I would like the option to have a piece of hardware were I can plug in an HDMI source and have it show up in the WYZE app

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Can you give a more specific example of your need? Why connect to the Wyze app? What kind of phone (important since currently that would be the only way to have access to any such device.) Plug the device into what exactly?

My parents have a security camera on their property that transmits data to a receiver in their house. I’m not sure what frequency, but it is not wifi. That receiver plugs into a regular monitor via hdmi. Due to this its only available at home. I would like to make it available remotely through the Wyze app. The camera is not in a location where there is wifi, so using a Wyze cam is not possible. We all use android phones

I don’t think Wyze will do anything like that, especially in the near future. How soon do you need this? If immediately, I’d look for something else.

Looks like there may be plenty of other devices already on the market that might meet your needs. This is the first one I found:

Another option is a different brand of camera that uses an actual Ethernet connection. How far is the existing camera from the house/tv? Is there an an open port on the router that could be used to connect a camera? I have used Amcrest cameras and powerline ethernet adapters with some success to my garage. POE is another option for an IP camera as long as it isn’t too far from the router.

I run the WYZE app on an iPhone connected with an Apple HDMI connector to a TV.
Or I connect wirelessly to the TV using Screen Mirroring and Airplay.

Not the issue. OP has a security camera (non-Wyze) that would need to be connected to the Wyze app. Camera is NOT IP based but uses a wired transmitter/receiver pair to present the video to an existing TV. OP wants that video to go via web to Wyze app.

Hmm, no price on that device you found but similar things on Amazon are $200 and (way) up. If the poster is on a budget I’d think about either pointing a V2 or an old phone at the monitor or trying to replace the existing cameras.

Oh wait, never mind, there are $20 adapters that will do this with a PC.

Ubiquiti offers a HDMI stick that plugs into any monitor and outputs all of the available video feeds. I wish Wyze had something similar.

Wyze HDMI TV Dongle

A small device that integrates with Wyze cameras and other products. This device would allow you to view the output of the Wyze cameras or other products on the tv to which the device is plugged into via an HDMI port.