Wyze camera access to local NAS

When, if ever, will Wyze enable the use of storage, on the same home network, for storage of video?

If the camera can be set to store via HMS or a local sd card, then surely the OS can map to a defined volume on a local network storage. NAS.
Unless the fact that Wyze cameras can’t support larger than a 32gb sd card is a limitation due to limits in the onboard OS. Similar to old versions of Windows

This is a major deal buster for me and one of the criteria that must be met for me to adopt the Wyze home security system.

It feels as though Wyze wants us to subscribe to their cloud based monitoring system or use a crippling sd cards. I’m not looking to circumvent Wyze’s income model just that I have more control & storage locally.

First, Welcome to the community!

Wyze recently updated the NAS wishlist to the Roadmap and set it to status “In Development” so we know they are working on something with NAS. I do not know if it will require using their own NAS, or if it will allow you to configure something to be able to use 3rd Party NAS, but there will be an NAS option. Since Wyze doesn’t use RTSP, I am guessing their solution will basically have to be through their own local NAS system. But I am just guessing.

That is not accurate. Almost all my cameras (I have over 30 of them and nearly every model) use 128GB cards, and I even have one camera with as much as a 400GB card. They are definitely not limited to 32GB.

Wyze also recently told us they are trying to move away from a Cloud-only-based paradigm and toward having things more locally based.

So while they of course love the income from subscriptions (they are still a business after all), there is no conspiracy to trap people into having to use them. They are even now working on solutions to make their local-control options better too. I think we all look forward to that. :slight_smile: