Storage into Hard Drive connected on network

Current wyze v3 stores continuous videos on micro sd card only. Is wyze working on a solution to store continuous video on a network hard drive with of without micro SD card.
This will be a nice feature to secure video footage in case camera is stolen.

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Here is one Wish List item regarding local storage:

Of course, CamPlus is the answer from Wyze. Stores full video in the cloud.

Even though it’s supposedly being ‘researched’ my gut feel is it will never happen. Simple reason being it would require the camera to be aware of all other devices attached to either the computer or network. That’s no different than asking your printer to redirect output to a hard drive - it can’t because it’s not aware of the drive, just as the camera isn’t.

It wouldn’t be a simple task to adapt the F/W to make it happen because of the multitude of configurations that it would have to deal with. Besides multiple operating systems (iOS, Windows, Linux, etc.) which each have their own architecture the storage device could be network attached, versus local to the computer, and differing networks each have their own protocols which the camera would also have to handle.

Bottom line is I don’t see it happening simply because of the complexity of implementation and there’s no payback for Wyze.

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The solution is to flash the camera for RTSP and have it stream to some device or computer software that will write the data to a hard drive. I currently have 18 Wyze cameras that are streaming 24x7 to BlueIris software on my file server. Unfortunately, RTSP firmware is not yet available for the V3 cameras.

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Where does it store the videos in the cloud?

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The Amazon Web Services (AWS)