Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Wyze really has some great customers. I love how not only are we coming up with product solutions but we are also coming up with revenue streams that we, the customer, would be happy to pay. :slight_smile:

NAS Model:
Synology DS920+

Would RTSP work:
Yep, using the Synology surveillance station software Surveillance Station | Synology Inc.


Synology DS220+
RTSP works fine with Surveillance Station on the Wyze v2 cam

Hoping the v3 cam gets RTSP as well so I upgrade as intended


@WyzeDongsheng - If anyone from Wyze team can comment on this, that’ll be great. I imagine there might be many of us who are considering in investing in a NAS product such as Synology or Qnap at this time, but would rather prefer to wait if this is on the short-term roadmap for Wyze. Thanks in advance for your response.


Synology DS416play

researching… this is a good sign :grinning:

I’m for the ability to connect generic network storage devices. I have a Windows 10 system with 75TB of storage and it’s only half full. It would be great if I could record there, or trigger a daily download or something.



If you could add SMB to the Outdoor Cam Hub or the Home Alert Hub that would be great. This would allow it to pull video from all the camera streams through the network and push it to a SMB shared folder.

Personally, I would rather not have to flash a different, not entirely supported, firmware on to my cameras. I love my Wyze devices! I have most of your products and I’m happy. I would be even happier if we can get something that will grab the video streams of all of the cameras and push to a SMB share.

Something that I think would absolutely make everyone here happy would be an image created by wyze that would do what I said above that could be loaded on our own raspberry pi or loaded as a Docker image. This would probably be minimal development for you guys and I would be happy to pay as much as a one time $50 license for this.



I’ll start with qnap (my main nas) and synology

I agree with users Synology licenses are expensive and app sluggish

Local NAS Share/network HDD would work great - alternatively OneDrive and Google Drive Integration, though this requires an active internet connection but will be available to us online


Any updates on this Wyze team? @WyzeGwendolyn @WyzeDongsheng thanks!


QNAP user here. I have no need to consider alternatives.

Drobo user here. NAS storage would be nice, even if it was just a bulk offload from the internal microSD storage on some schedulable interval (e.g., once a day).


Works for me, too - don’t really want anything tied to a proprietary system or device. Simple pointing to a network share or even setting up a ftp transfer on a schedule, or some other bulk move like you say. Only issue I can see is this would cut into the subscription model they seem intent on following, although isn’t camplus still just 14 days stg, only unlimited time for each video? Regardless, right now it’s a hassle if someone has difficult to access cams mounted in order to utilize the sd card. If hclx can create a hack to do this, it seems like wyze should have already done it. I see PC/browser access is now on the roadmap, maybe this will be next.

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Current wyze v3 stores continuous videos on micro sd card only. Is wyze working on a solution to store continuous video on a network hard drive with of without micro SD card. This will be a nice feature to secure video footage in case camera is stolen.

Doubtful wyze will do it. There is a hacker hclx who has done it for the V2, not sure about v3, so it is possible. I believe he just added code that allows for redirecting the sd card location for the file stg. It’s been available for a while and wyze has failed to implement it so it seems they are completely focused on subscription services, even if it’s a limited service.

Yeah, Wyze seems to be hell-bent into moving to the subscription based service business model, and letting its customers use their own NAS would cut into those subscriptions, so don’t expect them to ever move in that direction.

It’s not about technical possibility, it’s really about $$$.


This isn’t happening. Thread discussion should be closed.

Wyze looks at these threads and when the definitely rule something out they will change the status to ‘probably-not’, but even then I imagine the thread would be left open for people to discuss


Agree, still a good place for users to share ideas and tips and any advice like their experience using the hack by hclx.