Wyze cam3 playback

I have three wyze cam 3. Each one watching a different direction on my house. The one in front front door works fine. The front yard one is only playing front door events…meaning I can’t get any events for front yard…which is needed big time as my house sits two doors down from a problem laundry mat. The third camera does the other side of my house and does not show events it only shows slider that you move around. I have cam Plus on all three cameras. With events from another camera only…and one with no events. Very frustrating I love this cameras and need 2 more but with it not recording the right footage and not showing playback…I might need to switch. Very unsafe around here. Someone attempted to break in my house. Also can’t do anything with the event like save the event…for evidence. Such a mess…please help. I’ve tried online chat they can’t understand.

I’m getting now help from Wyze either. My app gets frozen when trying to view my events. Support has done nothing g for me.

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Just a suggestion, try restarting the cameras. Or turn them off then back on. It might help

Can you elaborate some more

Are you having issues with the playback or the events ?

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Not sure how that is happening.

With the 3 cams:

  1. Verify that all 3 cams are currently assigned and listed under a CamPlus license in Account → Services.

Open EACH cam live view and:

  1. Verify that you have a purple CamPlus logo in the top right.

  1. Click the settings :gear: gear wheel. Click Event Recording. Verify that you have Detects Motion toggled on.

  2. Click Smart Detection. Toggle on any AI that you want to be recorded

  3. Return to the Settings Menu. Click Notifications.

  4. Verify that Notifications is toggled on (if you want push notifications). Toggle on Smart AI if you want notified of the specific AI events you are recording, toggle on Detects Any Other Motion if you want notified of EVERY motion event (very busy!)

  5. Return to the Home Screen and select Events

  6. Click the funnel in the top right. This is the Events Filter Settings page. Clear All will result in every Event Video showing in the list. Checking blue boxes by cams and event types will restrict the events page to only those checked.

  7. Test your cams to see if they are uploading event videos, if they are notifying you, if they are AI tagging, if they are showing in the Events page log.

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I did that. I even went and disconnected and then reconnected but still I can’t get my events to play. It just gets stuck-frozen with an ad that wants me to join CamPlus.

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Yep. Still can’t play back my events. I’m not getting anywhere. The only way I can view an event that was recorded on my memory card is to look at the list of events, Jot down the time it happened, and go back to my playback and scroll, scroll, scroll back to that time to see what happened. Notifications work so why can’t I playback my events?

After you got the camPlus, did you assign your licenses to each camera?

I’m not really sure why you are getting the CamPlus marketing popups when all of your cams are assigned to CamPlus.

I have also been in that situation in the past as well but mine was remedied by an App Update.

First, make sure you have updated to the most recent app.

Next, verify that the cams are assigned to an active CamPlus License in Account → Services.

Lastly, clear the app cache of stale data that may be lingering about:

  1. Account → App Settings → Clear [Cache]
  2. Account → App Settings → Sign Out
  3. Force Stop app from your OS
  4. Open app, log in, test.

If that doesn’t work, you might try unassigning all cams from CamPlus, doing a cache clear, then reassigning cams back to CamPlus.

Ive given up. Now i have new wifi o i need to take them down and qr code them. Whoever the genus was that creatwd the stupid qr code made everyones kife way more difficult. So frustrating. No events since about these cameras 2 moths ths ago. Go through days of hell and headaches trying to figure it out.

If you rename your WiFi SSID the exact same as the old one and use the same password, all cams will log into the new WiFi without ever knowing you replaced the mothership.

This in not a reflection on you, just a general observation. Everywhere we “go” on line, we have been told to not recycle passwords and change them at least once a month. How this quotation comes into view with Wyze cameras? Are we bypassing all known facts that we’ve been told to follow religiously and now we are sticking to one and only password.

I know, I know that all the IoT devices out in the universe are practicing the same witchcraft but, shouldn’t we all embrace one single standard and stick with it? Which one is it, keep you password no matter what, or change it as frequently as you change your underwear (rednecks do not count)?

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Yes please and thank you :slight_smile:

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Click the 3 dots, click the trash can.

Correlating your online account passwords and your home WiFi password is like comparing a tomato and a blueberry. Yes, they are both fruits, but vastly different. The security standard reinforced in unique and changing passwords applies to online accounts. I wouldn’t apply the same standard to residential network security hardware even though an incredibly complex password is recommended.

When is the last time you changed your WiFi SSID or Password… and then reinstalled every WiFi device to the network?

The trend today is that a majority of online accounts use email addresses as the login ID. Most people do not have nor do they want to manage many dozens of email accounts to use as login usernames. So, most users use one primary email address as their account login username. This way, all their account security alerts or account recovery efforts will go to that email. Because if this, unique usernames just isn’t practical in most cases.

The logic behind using a highly unique and very strong password for each and every account is that if any one account is compromised, either by brute force hack on the account server, data leak from within the organization, or user ignorance responding to a phishing expedition, then that specific username (again, usually primary email) and password isn’t very useful to credential stuffers attacking hundreds of the most popular servers hoping to match the stolen credentials to your online accounts using the same credentials. If everyone would practice this it would completely bankrupt the credential stuffing hackers overnight by completely devaluing the data they hacked in the first place. Why steal credentials if they are useless.

Having a highly unique and very strong password for each and every account limits your exposure risk across your entire online account identity to only that one account. Changing this regularly limits the amount of time the hackers can use it into the future for that one account.

It’s the same concept as having a different key for every door in the building and changing them regularly so it is harder for people who think they stole a master key to get in. Not only do they now have to find that one door, but it now changed places. Add 2FA and now they have to have 2 unique keys to every door and they are all different and time sensitive.

Your SSID and password to your WiFi is not an online account that can be hacked in the same manner and isn’t comparable to online accounts that sit on corporate servers with outside access. They would have to specifically target just your IP and router thru your ISP and Router security or sitting in your driveway cracking the code. I’m not sure an online hacker would even bother. There isn’t much there for them to gain and the effort would far outweigh the minimal reward.

I have to confess, I do not change my online account passwords unless the site makes me do it or I get an alert from my online security monitoring service that there was a possible breach to that site. But, every account does have a highly unique and very complex password, defaulted to 32 random characters of all types or to the length\type limitations of the site being used. If hackers do get it, the damage will be limited to that site account only and won’t be usable for very long.

Using the same SSID and Password on a replacement router isn’t recycling them, it is just replacing the hardware they were sitting on in the first place. There is still only one unique instance of that SSID & PW… Unless of course you are also using your WiFi SSID & PW as the username and PW to all your online accounts.

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Thanks for detailed explanation