WYZE CAM will NOT recognize my SD card

Can’t get WYZE cam V2 to recognize my sd cards.
I have 2 different SD cards both formatted on PC with FAT32
Both class 10 rated cards
LEXAR SD card capacity 29.8
Sandisk SD card capacity 29.7

I put card in WYZE cam
Power up the WYZE cam
WYZE cam will not recognize either card.
Camera is set to ON


What else can I do? HELP

Power up the camera before you put the card in , that is the way I have always done it and never a problem.
I never turn them off to put in or take out the cards

Good luck, see my post in another similar thread…

I powered up the camera before I put the card in also NO LUCK.
I reset the cam and started from scratch NO LUCK.
I deleted the app turned off my phone then reinstalled the app NO LUCK.
I went into my phone and gave permission to everything on the WYZE app NO LUCK.


My sd cards worked fine when I first put them in both cameras. Now 3 days later ‘no sd card found’ about 1/2 the time. I don’t do anything and then try again later and it works fine.