Wyze cam V4 says all sd cards are unsupported after firmware update

After updating to firmware on my v4 camera it says my card is not supported but was working fine before. Ive tried reformatting it via the app as well as 4 other sd cards in the camera and they all say they are un supported.

What type and capacity of cards?

I’ve tried a no name brand 16GB one
a 128 GB Sandisk Ultra class A1
a 128GB TeamGroup class 1
a 32GB Kexin class 10

That’s weird. I’ve had a 256GB Samsung Pro Endurance in my V4 since the end of March 2024 and the May 21, 2024 firmware update to .9887 did not effect anything, card is still recording 24/7 continuous

@justifun - recommend you use cards 32gb and higher. Ditch teamgroup and kexin, I’ve been down that patch with consistent failures. SanDisk should be good. If possible, format card on home pc or laptop in exFat for 128gb and higher. I have also found that with the inexpensive cards, once you format in the camera, pc and laptop will tell you the card is not compatible or is write protected and you will not be able to format it.

Lexar 128gb x 3 w/adapter on Amazon is a decent low cost option.

Also note that the Ultra cards are NOT High Endurance and will likely have a shorter lifespan (and SanDisk will not honor warrantee on a non H.E. card if used in a camera). The Ultra cards will work fine, but die sooner.