Wyze Cam v4 crashes app

I have a Wyze Cam v4 for a couple of weeks. Sometimes while I’m viewing the live picture, the screen freezes and then a few seconds later the whole app closes. Anyone else experience this?

What iPhone version do you have? What actual app version are you using? When was the last time you restarted your phone? Have you contacted Support on this?

My V4 has been in operation since 29 March 2024 without issue. iPhone SE 2020, app. is iOS 2.50.6 (1) iOS as of today is 17.5.

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I am using an iPhone 12, iOS 17.4.1. I turn off my phone every morning. I am using Wyze 2.50.6 (1). I have been a long time Wyze customer. I have many cameras - v2, v3, OG and one v4, and a Doorbell Pro. @spamoni usually helps me. Support is not helpful.

What do you mean by this? Is it just that the problem exists after troubleshooting with them?

What troubleshooting have you tried? My next recommendation is to delete the app from your phone, restart your phone and then reinstall the app fresh.

He does know his stuff that’s for sure!

That’s an ANR force close or hard crash. About all a user can do: If an app on your iPhone or iPad stops responding, closes unexpectedly, or won’t open - Apple Support

Its really likely something Wyze app developers have to fix unless iOS or a device problem was causing it and then maybe Wyze devs should or shouldn’t (if the linked stuff that a user can do doesn’t fix it).

No it’s not iOS issue, it’s wyze. They make money and said they don’t , in there new promo about monitoring tab. If not why promote new products every few mo any dis the old ones. Cause they want you as a consumer to think it’s bee new pro but it doesn’t work