Wyze Cam v4 Beta Test 7/3/2024

I have Updated all my Wyze cam V4 No issues.

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Just thought I’d update… did some quick testing on Android devices and am seeing the same when a lot of motion detection occurs within the frame. With hardware decoding off, it’s bad. Even with hardware decoding on, there is still some minimal but noticeable stutter and lag. Issue as described affects not only live stream, it’s also being recorded to SD with these glitches.



It does seem to be limited to Android only though. I don’t seem to have the issue with my iOS Test Device

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I have the same issue on my iPad on grouped live view. Not all cameras though.


Interesting, I will need to check out grouped cameras on iOS

I’s very intermittent. Not sure if it is network related but never seen it before on version 2.5.

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Unfortunately… disappointing so far. My V3’s had previously picked up even satellites as events. The V4 while resolution is great doesn’t seem to detect anything from an astronomy perspective. Perhaps an extra sensitive resolution mode needs to be added?