Wyze cam V3 stuck on solid red light

I have two Wyze V3 cameras with the red light issue, and finally I was able to fix them. The issue happened during power outages both times, each camera was working for a few months before that.
After logging in into the cameras I discovered that one of the configuration files, .product_config is empty. Normally this file has MAC address and a matching key (along with few other settings) that allows the camera to connect to Wyze cloud. With this file being empty, the Wyze application exits with an error message during booting process, before configuring the camera, LEDs or WiFi. Firmware upgrade from SD card actually works fine (and LED does become purple during upgrade), but with any firmware the camera would fail to fully boot.
While MAC address is printed on the camera, the key cannot be taken from any other camera and only Wyze knows how to generate it based on the MAC address. Luckily, the JFFS2 filesystem that is used on the partition where .product_config file is located has all the previous versions of the file including the correct file with all the keys. I was able to recover the contents of that file which was a bit tricky since JFFS2 uses compression to store file contents. After placing the recovered file where it belongs to, both cameras started to work.
I also noticed that on my newer camera (which also had a newer firmware) there was a copy of this file inside another file with MD5 checksum, and that file was intact. So on newer cameras (or cameras that had newer firmware, don’t know which one) recovery can be simpler without the need to recover a deleted file.
A good question would be why this configuration file gets deleted in the first place, and why Wyze is not fixing it. The file is marked as read only, so it is unlikely that it could be deleted accidentally using standard file operations from a Wyze application. It could be that it is a system issue, e.g. an issue in some part of OS that Wyze didn’t write by themselves (they didn’t design the camera from scratch) and thus they can’t figure out how it is happening.