Wyze Cam v3 spotlight kit

How is the wyze cam v3 spotlight powered? Do you plug it in to an outlet or can it be charged the same as the wyze cam out door?

Hello, @shawna_g5

According to Wyze’s Spotlight Kit page, it comes with a USB Cable Splitter which looks like it connects the Spotlight and the camera together (view screen shots below).


Does that answer your question?


just as @ThreeTen stated, it comes with a splitter cable. the only power you plug in is the regular camera power. everything is split and run from the camera itself. all of it’s instruction come directly from the camera as well. think of the camera as a circuit that control when the light gets power. there is no secondary pairing you have to do such as nfc or bluetooth. it is very very simple.

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Thank you both. So it will just run off the charge of my outdoor cam?

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no. this spotlight will not work with the outdoor cam.

and the amount of light that it puts out would probably not be very helpful to the outdoor cam or the V2 or V1 or Pan cam. it only works so amazingly with the V3 because of the starlight sensor.

Edit; the controls for the spotlight are only in the V3 interface as well. so with any other camera there would be no way to control it or even have it turn on.


Ok that’s what I needed to know. Thank you. I was wanting it for my outdoor cam.