Wyze Cam v3 Spotlight splitter cable request

I’d like to request that Wyze offer the splitter cable for the Spotlight that mounts until of the V3 cam to be offered for sale in the accessories section of the online store. I have a spotlight I had warrantied due to the splitter cable going bad. I verified that it was the cable and not the spotlight itself. I was sent a new spotlight. Now I have still functional spotlight but no way to use it because Wyze does not sell the splitter cable separately. I tried a 3rd party micro USB splitter which was unsuccessful. I think most on the market only offer power only connections, and the splitter included with the Spotlight utilizes a data stream as well to be able to allow the Spotlight to communicate back and forth with the camera. Unless the Wyze splitter had some proprietary tech built into it. I feel Wyze would do themselves a good service and save themselves money with this product offering. Instead of sending out complete Spotlight kits for warranty replacements, they could send just a new cable instead of a new cable and spotlight. Also those out of the warranty period can keep our spotlights going.