Cam v3 usb connector melted

Hello i have the indoor/outdoor cam v3 with spotlight. I setup this cam and it worked fine for a few days. Then stopped working. I unplugged/reset it and it worked fine for a month. Then i could not get it to work. After inspection it looks like the connector almost burned! Any idea what could cause this? The usb is plugged in the garage snd ported outside.

Maybe you spilled some of that scotch in the picture :slight_smile:

My guess would be you didn’t push the connector far enough so there was some movement that shorted the plug.

I am sorry this has happened, could you please get in touch with support and give me the ticket number they give you. I am guessing we will want to get this back to look at.

Wyze Support

(206) 339-9646
Mon - Fri 4am - 8pm PT
Sat - Sun 8am - 4pm PT


I have already contacted support and they sent me a replacement. I’m just a little reluctant to use the new one until I have an idea what happened. It appears the new cable with the wyze spotlight is different than the old. Wondering if there were any issues with it?

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Can you post comparison photographs? I am interested to see the differences. Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

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I am glad you were able to get a replacement. Did they ask you to return the old one so we could look at it?


I just had the same issue with an older V3 with a new spotlight. Was looking for the type of female connector the cameras have when I saw this. My connector did not look as bad but it was singed. I already have the bare wires exposed so I was looking of a method to add another connector to the otherwise dead unit.