Accessory spotlight splitter

Just a few days ago my Cam V3 with spotlight accessory connected stopped working. I figured that it probably just needed to be power cycled. I did that multiple times. The spotlight would slowly flash 3 times like it’s supposed to when first connected, but the camera still was having an Error-90 and showing disconnected in the Wyze app. Today I was able to mess with the camera further, cleaned up and checked all connections, and same time. Spotlight flashes but camera does not come on. To rule out a suddenly failed camera, I plugged my V3 directly to the power cable, and the camera turns on! To verify, I tried the splitter on another V3 I have sitting around, and it will not power on connected to the splitter. This afternoon I did a live chat with product support, and was told that Wyze does NOT have replacement splitters and I would need to buy one. WTF!? My spotlight is still under warranty, have had it less than 1 year and I have to replace the cable myself? I find that totally unacceptable if I’m within the warranty period. If it was 2 years down the line, no sweat, it’s on me. But they don’t even sell the dang part on their website, or even suggest what one to use. Has anyone else run into this, and what part did you end up using? Will any micro USB splitter work? Can someone from Wyze maybe respond why this is the policy for this situation? If it is, I will advise everyone I know to NOT buy the spotlight accessory.

I would contact them back and submit for a total Warranty Replacement since the splitter comes with the spotlight. There is no way to tell which part it is… Splitter or spotlight. But broke is broke. If it is broke and under warranty, the entire package needs replaced.


Thank you for your reply, Slab. I will do that. I don’t understand why Live Chat couldn’t fulfill that and I have to seemingly jump through hoops to get it replaced… Just overall frustrating.

The Live Chat Wizards sometimes need to be lead by the hand thru what you are asking for. If they thought it was looking for a cord to buy or replace, that is as far as they will go.

Sometimes you have to ask them for exactly what you need… A Warranty Replacement.

They may run you thru some troubleshooting to fulfill their scripts. But in the end it will still be broke

Just tell them the spotlight is broke, under warranty, and you want it replaced.


Thank you again! I just filled out a ticket with the issue I’m having and explained all the steps I already went through. When I talked to Live Chat, I did explain that it’s a warranty issue and complained that it seems unacceptable to not replace something that failed under warranty. They said they would be frustrated too, but there isn’t anything they can do. Lesson learned, don’t Live Chat for warranty issues. :upside_down_face:

I just did live chat to have a PanV3 and 6 Wyze plugs replaced under warranty. Had both delivered by Amazon within a couple days.

I don’t think it’s the method of contacting, I think it is more in how you phrase it. I provided them with the date of purchase and specifically asked for a Warranty Replacement up front due to product failure. They asked their questions, but we’re very good about confirming the failure and processing the replacement.


I believe you’re right about that, not how you contact, but how you phrase it and how the other end understands it as well.

I feel I’m not batting the best with Wyze from that order specifically… A Cam V3, the spotlight and 3 Wyze switches is what it consisted of. I’ve already had the V3 replaced for horrible constant static and screeching noise out of the box, had 1 of the 3 switches replaced for a terminal that broke (very common known weakness of them) and now the spotlight for the splitter cable that went bad…

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I just had the same problem, but with a brand new spotlight to be attached to a perfectly functioning V3. Spotlight itself might work, but the ”Y” adapter cable that came with it doesn’t!
Chat with Wyze established there’s no replacement cable available, so they’re giving me a $10 credit which I’ll use to buy a complete new spotlight (and hope its cable works).
Any suggestions on what to do with this current cable-less spotlight?

“Wyze warrants to the original owner of the product that the product will be free from defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date you purchased your product from Wyze or an authorized retailer (the “General Product Warranty Period”).”


The warranty policy includes all items shipped with the product required for it’s proper operation. This includes the splitter cable provided with the spotlight.

I would contact Wyze Customer Support, refuse the token credit, quote to them the warranty policy and the source, and request specifically a “Warranty Replacement” of the entire package contents. Also request an RMA and Return Shipping Label for the return of the defective unit.