Wyze Cam Spotlight Kit

I bought one Wyze Cam Spotlight Kit, because I think it’s price point is too high but still wanted to try it out. Is there a reason why the included cord is so long? It’s only a few inches to plug into the light and camera, when mounted on top of the camera.

It is meant to match the length of the V3 pigtail:



Oh, okay. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that.

But it seems like Wyze could have just made the V3 camera with a waterproof plug right in the back of it, like they did with the spotlight. Then the spotlight cable could have been much shorter.

better to have more than you need rather than not enough…

I keep thinking as I before I had two cameras with daisychain, if I can use the Spotlight cable to power two V3 cameras instead of just one and a spotlight … had anyone tried it?

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So you’d spend $10 for the spotlight kit, just for the cable to daisy chain two V3’s?

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Yep. Thats how I powered my two V3s.
I used the spotlight dongle to daisy chain them, no issues.

But, I tried to use the spotlight by itself inside the house and it didn’t work. I didn’t try anything more than plugging spotlight in so its somthing I want to look into again, but the daisy chain cameras are working without issue.

I did this. It works. I didn’t want to run two separate power cables to above garage door. I ran one power line and then used spotlight dongle to daisy chain 2 cameras. WYZE should sell a dongle just by itself.