Wyze Cam V3-PRO Smart Event Detection not working when camera is mounted upside down

I’ve found that the cam-v3-pro does not detect any events (e.g. person, pet, vehicle) when the camera is mounted upside down and “rotate image 180 degrees” is selected in the advanced menu.

If the camera is right side up, event detection works fine, but if I turn it upside down (and set rotate image), it never detects anything.

This is different from the cam-v3, which worked fine upside down.

Cam Plus assigned to the camera
Advanced settings → Rotate Image 180 (w/camera mounted upside down)
Event Recording → Smart Detection Events on
Smart Detections = Person, Pet, Vehicle
All other camera settings at factory defaults

Has anyone else with their camera mounted upside down noticed this?

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I do have my v3pro upside down and rotate 180 degree inside the app. So far by testing person detection works fine. Same firmware.

Could you please submit a device log for this v3pro? I will check some settings. Thanks!


Thanks for the reply. I’m using the camera right side up at the moment, so I’ll need to turn it upside down again and let it run for a while before I submit the log. Will try to do that soon.

FYI…I wonder if vehicle detection works for you too (since person detection is done via the Edge AI on the v3pro itself, I wonder if vehicle detection works also in your case).

@WyzeDesmond, I have my CamPlus V3Pro mounted in standard orientation, however it will not capture any AI events (set for Person & Pet) with me walking in full view. Sensitivity is set to 75 with minimal DZ. This has been doing this for the past few days. Standard V3’s monitoring the same area do return tagged events videos.

Log 841504

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I will grab this camera to another place for vehicle testing today. Thanks for noticing me.

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That odd. My V3 Pro is good with tagging People, Pet and Vehicle. Although it hasn’t figured that the Possum is a Pet when it crosses the driveway every night. :rofl:

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@WyzeDesmond, I submitted a log file (Log ID 842699) for the Smart Event Detection not working when camera is mounted upside down.

Here’s what I did.
mounted v3-pro upside down & set rotate image 180
placed camera pointing at same position as it was when right side up
I waited for at least 7 cars and 3 people to go by

Result: With the camera upside down, there was no event detection on any of those 10 events. I was sitting there watching the camera footage and I can clearly see the motion tagging green box follow the car or person, but event detection doesn’t work. I get no updates in the “recent events” timeline nor on the events tab. I also don’t get any notifications of events (of course).

Once I remount the camera right side up (and turn off the rotate), event detection works fine.

FYI…Not sure what’s in the log, but I turned the camera upside down at 14:11pm, so only info after that timestamp is upside down. Before that, the camera was right side up

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My 2 V3 pros are also upside down rotated 180, I get no person detection, but, I do get vehicle, pet, and package notifications. Tested today, with camera in normal orientation, no rotation, now gets person notifications. Very similar issue. Should point out that I am on the latest beta firmware and app.

I have the same issue. I have a Cam V3 Pro and is was working perfectly at detecting only pets, vehicles, people and packages… I raised it 3 feet under the overhang and mounted it upside down. Then I rotated the image thinking everything would be fine. Now it does not detect any people, vehicles, pets etc. Has anyone come up with a solution?