Wyze Cam v3 Pro night vision continous recording issue

The v3 pro has a bug when recording in night vision (black and white) where the video stops/freezes but the audio can still be heard on videos when you use continuous recording. Has anyone else noticed this bug? I reported the issue but still waiting on a fix from Wyze. They said it was a known issue.


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It really depends on the version of the firmware you currently have installed on your cam.

The latest public release was on 11\2\22. If it is a bug in that version, you can submit logs and report it in the Firmware Release Thread for that version:

If, however, you are a Beta Tester running the new Beta Firmware from 11\22\22, you can report that bug in the Beta Thread for that version:

I am running the Beta Firmware. I checked my events and SD footage from night recordings in IRNV and could not reproduce this. However, I am using Android.


I’m not seeing this on IOS either, but I do encourage you to do as SlabSlayer said so Wyze can look into it

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