Wyze cam v3 Pro landscape

On /off landscaping was not an issue with me until I added pro cam 3 about 10 days ago however I did turn the camera off but it still is doing it. Also something new happened to me last night…while looking at playback the picture froze …then I went to another camera I have in another state to check the property …picture was fine however when I went to playback from my SD card my display was from the previous frozen picture at my home. I then did the same on the remaining cameras with the same result…what cause that??
I then shut down my iPad and iPhone and went to bed.
Seems to be working ok now but live shot on 2k still frozen daytime!

Plus still no word from Wyze support yet from my ticket last Wednesday.:man_shrugging::man_shrugging:.
I don’t use the cameras for business… more for a hobby and keep an eye on the properties.

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Please update your app to recent hotfix version 2.37.1 (1).

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Thank you WyzeDesmond for the quick hotfix. :+1: Works great… black screen in landscape under iOS 15.x resolved via Wyze app 2.37.1 (1).


I m still experiencing the problem as of 6pm east coast

Please post your viewing device type, operating system version, Wyze app version, type of cam you are attempting to stream and firmware version for that cam.

View device
iPad 9th gen and iPhone 12
Wyze Cam v3 pro
Plug-in version 2.37.8

Thanks for anything you might be able to do.
FYI…I gave this information to WYZE in a trouble ticket last Wednesday and still have not heard back.

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Still not streaming 2 k but does in SD

Thank you for grabbing all that info! :+1: If you scroll up to the 1st post, you’ll realize you are posting in the wrong topic. The Wyze app 2.37.1 (1) hotfix does not address your issue. This topic was created by wrightdv1 to address screen going black in landscape orientation and some pinch-zoom anomalies for pre-iOS 16. I’ll try to make some time this afternoon to consolidate other topics that address your issue and move your posts from this topic to the correct topic.

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Woo hoo!

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Hi sea pup….have any updates on this issue?tia