Wyze cam v3 Pro landscape

Same here Tbone on the screen going black.

Never ever happened b4…

I have seen this issue with the screen going black when going to Landscape. Does not happen every time? Lets let Wyze fix the streaming issue, then we can concentrate on the landscape going black issue. For me the streaming issue is the biggest problem. I have also seen another issue that I will not bring up now. (Low Priority) But is on my list. The V3 Pro does have a great image at 2K. The edge AI and person detection is crazy fast. I like the V3 Pro. Lets give them a reasonable time to fix the issue. I guarantee they are aware of whats going on. If they cant fix I will be asking for a refund. I think we will see a fix!

I understand however I m 70 years and just want fixed b4 I m gone…:rofl::rofl:

I understand your concern. We are the same age. I expect it to be fixed before I am gone. I suggest you may want to invest in more expensive products from other vendors. Good Luck.

@WyzeDesmond Will you please look into this issue or pass it on?

Problem Description: Cam v3 Pro live stream in landscape mode under iOS results in completely black screen.

iOS version tested: 15.7.1 (did a quick test on a burner iPhone. Other iOS/iPadOS versions may be affected)
Wyze app version: 2.37.0 (12)
Cam v3 Pro firmware version:

Steps to recreate:

  1. Start a fresh iOS session.
  2. Start Wyze app.
  3. Start Cam v3 Pro live stream in portrait mode.
  4. Rotate viewing device to stream in landscape mode.
  5. Rotate viewing device to stream in portrait mode.
  6. Rotate viewing device to stream in landscape mode. Note that screen is now completely black with no UI controls.
  7. Rotate viewing device to stream in portrait mode. Note that screen returns to normal.
  8. View a live stream in portrait mode for any cam type other than Cam v3 Pro.
  9. Rotate viewing device to stream in landscape mode. Note that screen is now completely black with no UI controls for all other cam types (tested Cam v2, Cam v3, Pan Cam v2, WCO, WCO v2). Also note that at this point, issue is persistent across all cam types until session is restarted.

There are other scenarios to recreate this issue, but this should be a good start. Issue appears to be isolated to iOS… unable to recreate issue under Android 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.

Impact: Unable to view Cam v3 Pro live stream in landscape mode without difficulty. Once issue is encountered for Cam v3 Pro, subsequent live streaming of all cams types are affected.

Severity: High

Log ID: 808916


I don’t seem to have that issue. iOS 2.37 app, iOS 16.1.1. I don’t do it very often but it seems to work ok when I do??

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It may be specific to iOS version.

Maybe? I just tried it on my iPad and it works Ok on that also??

Which version of iPadOS?

Also iOS 16.1.1 on the iPad.

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There ya go. Problem must be pre-16. :+1:

The switching to landscape on an iPhone and the view box going black has been an off/on issue for sometime now. It is just one of those Wyze quirks I’ve come to accept. Just like this morning for 2 hours the thumbnails of Events would not load. That too happens twice a month.

On /off landscaping was not an issue with me until I added pro cam 3 about 10 days ago however I did turn the camera off but it still is doing it. Also something new happened to me last night…while looking at playback the picture froze …then I went to another camera I have in another state to check the property …picture was fine however when I went to playback from my SD card my display was from the previous frozen picture at my home. I then did the same on the remaining cameras with the same result…what cause that??
I then shut down my iPad and iPhone and went to bed.
Seems to be working ok now but live shot on 2k still frozen daytime!

Plus still no word from Wyze support yet from my ticket last Wednesday.:man_shrugging::man_shrugging:.
I don’t use the cameras for business… more for a hobby and keep an eye on the properties.

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Please update your app to recent hotfix version 2.37.1 (1).

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Thank you WyzeDesmond for the quick hotfix. :+1: Works great… black screen in landscape under iOS 15.x resolved via Wyze app 2.37.1 (1).


I m still experiencing the problem as of 6pm east coast

Please post your viewing device type, operating system version, Wyze app version, type of cam you are attempting to stream and firmware version for that cam.

View device
iPad 9th gen and iPhone 12
Wyze Cam v3 pro
Plug-in version 2.37.8

Thanks for anything you might be able to do.
FYI…I gave this information to WYZE in a trouble ticket last Wednesday and still have not heard back.

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Still not streaming 2 k but does in SD