Wyze Cam v3 Pro firmware

Just wondering if any of you V3 Pro owners have updated to this firmware, and how is it going?

I’m a little timid about updating yet until I see more feedback on it. Right now my cams are “for the most part” working ok “most” of the time and I don’t want to break something that isn’t too broken.

I updated my Pro and have not had any visible issues (yet)

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I also have had since it came out. No problems observed.

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I’ve had mine on this version since the firmware was released for Beta testing and didn’t have any new setbacks from the firmware.

Most feedback can be reviewed in the Beta and Production Release threads:

Been using it for 24 hours on my 4 V3Pro Cams. One Cam which always seems to be a problem is the one with the 20’ Flat Extension Cable plugged into a Nekmit 4.8A 24W Thin Flat Dual USB Wall Charger. So far that one has stayed up for 24 hrs. Another problematic one is the one in my garage which seems to not have quite enough signal strength… again, up for the 24 hrs so far.

I’ll check back in a week and let you know if the update has fixed my connectivity problem.

Laggy as hecken. It’s like watching a slide show in the Events. If there were a way to revert releases I would do it.

So do it by flashing the firmware to the previous version. Directions for the V3 will work but you do not need to rename the file. Just go to the release notes download to a clean formatted SD card 32GB or smaller and install the previous version.

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Thanks for the responses. :smiley_cat:

I went ahead and installed the firmware yesterday morning, after my events were playing back super slow, stuttering. If I hit 2x speed they looked almost normal.
I also went ahead and installed the newest version of the APP which I have been hesitant to do,
based on reviews. (Android)

At first my cameras went nuts even after reboots, shut down, unplug, etc. but two seemed to have resolved issues and are running, recording, playing back, notifying great.

The third is doing everything it should just fine, but still has the slow, stuttering playback from the events. SD card playback is normal.

If you are having a hard time with the new firmware, maybe give it some time and make sure the do a hard reboot of cameras. That seemed to do the trick for me.
The stuttering on event playbacks (just one) of the cameras later resolved on it’s own, the other, is still doing it. So as far as that goes, not sure what that is about or what fixed and didn’t fix it, as I did the same thing on all three of my cameras.

Everything I said in the previous post still applies after 10 days… If anything changes, I’ll come back and repost. Still very stable, including the long extension and the garage with the low signal strength.

I know you don’t hear this often in this forum… but… WELL DONE WYZE!