Wyze Cam v3 Pet Camera - Not Working properly

I have two Pet Cameras.

Camera One: The speaker never really worked (voices garbled), but not a major issue. Over the last three months, it has been turning itself off regularly which is awkward, but I can turn it on remotely. The last week the picture going black - it’s recording, but I can’t see anything or it is really blurry.

Camera Two: The speaker worked perfectly - crystal clear, but now is becoming garbled. It turns itself off as well and, sometimes does not record events - cat runs from one area to the other while I am in the room, but no recording made.

I don’t have an answer to your issue but I’m surprised you were able to get audio from one camera for even a short time. On every single one of my Wyze cams the audio sounds like Charlie Brown’s teacher through a broken AM transistor radio with a blown speaker.

What do you mean turns itself off, the power goes off or it goes off in the app?
Do you have Cam Plus or Cam Plus Lite?
Do you have an SD in the camera and have it set to record events or continuous?
I have 5 V3 cameras and have never had that issue. They all have firmware but I am using the iOS WYZE app.

When I go into the app to check out the live feed it says that the camera is off - sometimes, I have been able to turn it back on in the app and other times I have had to unplug the camera and plug it back in. I have tried it in different outlets with no change in performance.

LOL. One I could talk through quite clearly, but now they both make me sound like the teacher in Charlie Brown. :slight_smile:

I would try a different 5 volt 1 amp power adapter if you have one. There are other post here someplace where people have had issues with the WYZE supplied power adapters that come with the cameras/cables after a time. I have not had that issue (yet).

I’ve had the issue with and without the adapter - I one outlet has a USB port plug in it for the automatic feeder, so I tried that one.