Wyze cam V3. IR lights not turning off

@Kev455 , I have posted the issue with the IR NV Auto switching to this month’s Fix-it Friday thread.

If you are still experiencing this issue, feel free to follow the link, like the post with a heart coin, and add your experience in a reply post (if you are so inclined).


Thx for mentioning the problem in the other thread. I tried it this morning and things haven’t changed. The problem is still the same.

I tried to upload a new log file, but I kept getting “upload failure”, so I wasn’t able to provide the latest log.

I restarted the Android App and it didn’t help.

If I ever get to submit a new log later I’ll do it.

If someone made a ‘fix’ recently.

It probably wasn’t a fix, but a quick workaround to keep IR night vision threshold lower, so it won’t kick off IR unless in very low lighting condition.

If IR is ever triggered, the problem will still show up.


Nothing new to report. My V3 is still doing it.

Same thing happened to my few new V3s and pan V2s recently set up. I had to cycle through Auto On Off Auto to turn off the IR lights even the ambient is bright.


I have since upgraded my cam V3 exhibiting this behavior to the Beta Firmware for testing. It is better, but not optimal.

There are some days that it will automatically come out of IR with enough light. There are others when it won’t.

It appears that Wyze has made the decision to set the light threshold required to exit IRNV extremely high; and extremely low to enter. The delta is far too wide.


Yup, when night vision is set to AUTO, the IR lights turn on for me but won’t turn off when the lights in the room are turned on. If I use a flashlight and quickly shine light on the camera, the IR lights turn off - threshold to turn off IR lights is set to high. Allow adjustment of this threshold? Perhaps there is a delicate balance here due to the starlight sensor.

The cam I had doing this has since stopped staying in IRNV but has had many updates since my last post.

What firmware version are you running?