Wyze Cam v3 Floodlight - Extra USB Port Usage Survey

I hope a spare USB can be provided. This is a little write up I did for the way I use to USB-A.

Spare USB-A use:

I installed a camera next to my office window and the USB-A sitting there vacant got me wondering. I had to find some use for it. I decided the best defense is a good offense!

Step 1
Jumbo Red & Blue LED Emergency Flasher - Solder Kit (Jameco Electronics) Part no.: 2246645. The kit requires some tools and soldering skills and is rated easy to build.

Step 2
USB-A 90° male female adaptor pointing upward (Amazon)

Step 3
The factory Wyze USB cable was a perfect power source for the PCB. Since it only has 2 power conductors, I sacrificed it to power Step 1. Polarity must be maintained. So, I stripped the wires back and used my DVM to confirm polarity and marked the cable with a sharpie before soldering to the PCB. I replaced the Wyze USB cables with Monoprice cables with an LED power indicator.
The result is these lights that I wouldn’t consider to be ultra-bright, but can be seen from at least 100 yards away, and I think it’s enough to make people wonder what it is and stay away.

I was surprised to see the spare USB go away on the newer camera models.


I have not been able to purchase my floodlights yet but this design is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I will have some renavations done the beginning of next year and plan to use at least 2 Wyze floodlights + extra WYZE cam v3s. These wlll be used to cover opposite sides of corners with each camera and light facing a different direction similar to other posts. A wider POV angle or single pan camera will not work for me.

This design is perfect for my needs and at the correct price point. WYZE’s efforts to provide rich features st reasonable prices is what attracted me with the first color bulbs. I have continued to expand my ecosystem with switches, video doorbell pro, and other devices like vacuums and nightlights. When you released the spotlight with a 2nd camera option it seemed like the Dev team was reading my mind. As my other smart devices, like my thermostat and robot vacuum, need to be updated I will buy WYZE and get to 1 happy ecosystem.

Whenever I am in Home Depot I swing by the smart home area to see how much the WYZE section is expanding (even though I buy directly from WYZE using my Cam Plus discounts). On at least 2 occasions I promoted WYZE’s value versus options instead of higher priced choices to couples.
They were about to buy one of the ‘other’ choices just beacuse they knew the brand. I even showed them a live demo from my cell phone. I guess i am a WYZE ambassador since I want more people to use the products: 1) to help WYZE stick around and provide me more products for a long time, and 2) because it frustrates me when people pay more for product they can get at half the cost with comparable if not better features. Both times they walked to the register with WYZE product cards instead of the other guys.

A big selling point I shared was WYZE’s willingness to listen to their users wth things like the Wish list and the In Development feature system. I really think WYZE will continue to grow if they stay focused on reasonable pricing AND hearing their users.

So Please KEEP the USB port so it is there for me!!! :star_struck:


Please add 2 usb ports to the Wyze floodlight

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If you have a product suggestion please post it on the Wishlist to let Wyze know you are interested.

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You can use a splitter. I did. I ran 3 cameras off the Wyze Floodlight: the v3 that controls the lights, a Wyze cam V2, and an Eufy indoor Cam, all at the same time, using a splitter cable.

Note: the floodlight USB port only puts out like 2.1 Amps iirc, so you have to use something like 2 OG cams or cams that use 1 amp each. You can’t use 2 pan cam v3’s because they require too much power.

Or, you can do what I did with the Floodlight Pro and just wire your own solution. I bought a waterproof surge protector, cut off the plug and tied in the wires to the floodlight wiring. Now I have 4 weatherproof USB ports and 4 plug outlets in that location that I can use.

Wow! That sounds very interesting! do you have a picture or video of installing the waterproof surge protector? The floodlight is flushed against the wall so how do you get the usb plug outlets wired in the box?

I made a whole new post on it with a walkthrough of what I did for anyone interested. I included pictures, etc too. You can review it here:


Wow! Thanks!

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