Wyze cam v3, direct connection to mains

With wyze cam v3 will it be possible to use a direct connection to the mains rather than a power socket with the adapter? As I don’t have power outlets available for the outside.

Thanks you

The mains as in 110V AC?
If so, absolutely not. The Wyze Cam uses USB which is 5 volts DC
If you have a light outside, you can get a socket adapter that will give you an outlet at the light socked. Otherwise, you’ll have to either have an outlet or run a really long USB extension cable from the nearest outlet to the camera.


Or better, run an AC extension cord to close to the camera and plug the wall wart into that. Obviously weather protect that.


The mains has 220V AC…so maybe I will not be able to install them at home :frowning:

You don’t have to use the Wyze-supplied wall wart. There are USB wall warts that operate in the range 100V-240V. Just make sure it supplies 5V and same amperage.

Check the input voltage of the Wyze-supplied power adapter. It might even be auto voltage.