Wyze Cam Hard Wired

My electrician is wondering if these cams can be hard-wired. Where we want to place one is going to be difficult to place an outlet. Would hard wiring it to 110 be okay? I know the warranty is null but I was just asking for a friend. :slight_smile:

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Let me clarify, My friend would still be using the Wyze cord but the end with the USB would be hard wired to 110.

The adapter Wyze uses transforms 110v to low voltage. If I understand you correctly you will fry the cam and it would be a dangerous move. Shock and/or fire hazard!
Again if I understand your question correctly, DO NOT DO IT!
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You could hard wire to a connector like this and plug the camera transformer into that, it is not going to be code though that’s for sure.
If you Don’t have any experience with wiring you probably shouldn’t try it at all


If you are going to use standard hard wire for power, why not just use one of these connectors on the end. Then plug the adapter into it. It works just like an extension cord.

Edit: Then again, if it were me, I would use a high quality extension cord. It would be much cheaper and faster. :slightly_smiling_face:


We were thinking about the same thing.lol :joy:


You should look at using low Power Over Ethernet (POE) if you can’t wire to electrical code. This will allow you to move the power the camera needs over a standard Ethernet cable. Then you can use an Ethernet to USB adapter to plug in the camera. It may cost a little more but it will remove the fire and shock hazard from the equation.

I am surprised that a licensed electrician didn’t suggest this.

I think what that becomes is an extension cord. I believe this gentleman is talking about probably clipping the USB plug and wiring direct to a 110 line. I’ve not seen a USB-to-110 adapter before.
**edit - my reply was not referring to the POE suggestion.

If you have an electrician who would even consider connecting the USB-A cable directly to 110v power, then you need to fire that electrician immediately!

Perhaps something like this would be helpful:


This would allow you to eliminate the external power adapter.


I would think an electrician could connect the proper wiring that would run to a “plug” to the prongs of the “wall wart”.

Well , apparently the first time I never read these 2 words "My electrician " :upside_down_face:

I’ve gotten one with every camera I’ve bought. I call it a wall wart, others call it a mushroom.

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I don’t have experience with this. But if others are advising caution, I would take them seriously.


I love the term “wall wart”, especially when you refer to stacking a couple together with a smart plug.
Doesn’t the power block withthe cams transform the other way 110-to 5v?

Classic wall wart but on a short cord.

If there is a 120v AC power supply nearby, the safest approach would be to have a licensed electrician mount a 120v AC receptacle (surface mount or recessed) and plug the USB power adapter into that receptacle.

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It can be done, at great risk to life and limb.

If you have power, in the form of a hot, neutral and ground wires to the area, how are you not able to install a outlet?

Wow people think crazy. You better get this then run ethernet to an affordable poe switch.


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I have 2 cams with long drops (~20’) going outside and have been looking for a clean and neat solution and this looks like it. They will be on separate sides of the house and did not want to run USB cables.

Going to pair up the connectors you educated me on with these power plugs (below) using closest outlet to feed each cam. I can then make up custom ethernet cables which will be easy to snake/hide in soffit, cheap, and custom size/fit. Thanks for advice brother! Note: in future will be ready for wired cams if ever decide to go that route too.

Amazon.com: iCreatin 2-Pack Wall PoE Injector Power Over Ethernet Adapter 802.3af 48V 24W 0.5A for Security IP Cameras IP Phones, 10/100Mbps: Electronics

Ethernet isn’t something that has been implemented for WyzeCams yet, so POE isn’t an option even if that were also enabled.
Cutting a 5v dc cord and wiring to 110vac would never be something an Electrician would suggest.
The outlet with the usb connections is your best bet, you could even set up a WiFi dongle that goes over the mains (power lines) if your WiFi doesn’t reach the camera.