Wyze Cam V3 Crackling/Radio frequency audio issue

Apparently from one user in the discord , he claims that it comes from the power outlet and it may be bad grounding ?

I have an electrician who comes periodically to my house to do some work in both my house and my shed and he’s never reported this to me…

I doubt that all of us who are experiencing bad audio from the v3’s have bad grounding lmao

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I moved one camera that didn’t crackle to the location that was crackling and problem followed camera to the once good location so it’s not the location. No grounding problems or interference. Funny thing is if I restart camera several times in a row it is almost fixed but then next time I access it to view the camera the noise is back. It has done this noise since the day I got it.

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I’ve noticed that the wyze audio is absolute garbage . It definitely needs to be fixed in the next version of their cameras

All 5 of my v3’s have terrible audio both indoors and outdoors .

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That is the exact - as exact can be - noise my camera makes. Glad someone else has the same problem - sadly

I’m also having the same issues. I have 3 of the v3 and although one works fine and we have no audio issues, the other two sound like some serious electrical artifacts and are extremely loud and annoying. I’ve rebooted, reset and even used surge protectors on all three. Nothing has changed. They are all on the same firmware, so I doubt that is the problem. I do think that since the plugs are only 2 prong, without a ground, I wonder if that has anything to do with it.

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I just got 2 new V3s a couple weeks ago. one has very bad, for lack of a better term, repeating static like something crunching on potato chips. the other has same sound just not as loud. I have other V3s that don’t do this, although their audio is horrible and not real loud.

Create a log report on each cam amd then save it. Then call support and get the replaced.

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All (5) my v3 do the same, crunching potato chips :slight_smile:
I think it is an issue with majority of v3s out there judging by posts on the forum. Might be a bad batch of sound electronics.

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My camera was doing the same thing and I replaced the power adapter. Don’t ask me why but it solved my problem.

Interesting. Did you replace it with a Wyze adapter?

Actually, it was an old Motorola I had from a cell phone.

I run 12 volts DC to all my cams then use a 12v to 5v regulator at each camera. Never had a noise issue here.

My setup likely has much cleaner power to cameras than the USB switching power supply bricks.

I have fairly good audio out of my V3’s and better audio on V2’s

Audio so Good you can hear a leaf drop on a V3 :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have 7 v2 cams with no-crackle audio powered by the stock power supply - and 1 v2 with crackle audio powered through the USB port of a Wasserstein Floodlight. Hmm.