Terrible Audio Playback on Wyze Cam v3?

I love all my Wyze products, I have more than I should probably, but I wanted to ask if there is something I’m doing wrong with my setup of the camera, that I always get terrible popping sounds any time I record the video with audio. Voices are also not very easy to hear clearly… in fact, unless the speaker is close to the camera, it’s impossible to actually make out what’s being said. Mostly because of the slight hissing, and constant popping sounds, which I have no clue what’s causing that… because when I am in the room in front of the camera, you can’t hear that noise, so it’s a noise that’s being heard only on the recording.

Any help? It’s the same whether the camera is mounted on the wall, or placed on a hard surface. I thought it being on a surface at one point was picking up slight vibration, but that doesn’t seem to be it either because it’s the same when it’s mounted to the wall.


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I should have made clear that it’s not only during the recorded video, but also during the live stream. Same distortion and popping.

The V3 and V2 cameras I have owned have always had a hissing noise on playback. The OG camera was a bit clearer but I was not impressed with the overall quality of it. I don’t get as much distortion speaking live on the V3 vs playback.

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Thanks! I did a little searching after I posted and read some reviews on Amazon. It seems like across the board, the audio is not one of the V3’s strong suits. Which is a little disappointing honestly because I can’t knowingly recommend this camera to friends and family. Well, I could because there’s a lot of good to say at this price point, it would just have to come with a disclaimer about the audio. Honestly, it’s not the biggest deal in the world… for the most part I’m checking on my two cats and I can see them beautifully, day or night.

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I have the same issue. Lets say it frankly the audio is useless completely.

Take a look at this video about 11:45 in. It is amazing the microphone picks up any sound at all.

I cannot hear anything amazing in the video yous hared which is about how to remove the microfone.
All tree of my cameras has poor audio recording quality (in mono) and so much artificial noise makes it completely unusable.

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I got here for the reason. No poping, but low volume pick-up, low fidelity and serious compression warbler. I am very disappointed since audio can and some of the most concrete data to an event. I use both online event as well as using a high performance video SD card.