Wyze Cam V3 Crackling/Radio frequency audio issue

I just got mine & yes it does pick up RF Sounds. Is it the cam or a different source that it’s picking up?

I have 16 V3’s and not one has this audio issue, I even posted some testing that was done in the V3 audio thread.

Seems to be an App/Smart Device issue in my opinion as different smartphones have different audio results.

I think you most likely got your cameras before most of the rest of us. At some point, they let their QC go down the drain. It’s not a phone issue or an app issue when an overwhelming number of people are reporting the same issue, most likely using different phones / devices to view their cameras. It’s an issue with the cameras that needs to be fixed. I’m too new to upload attachments here, but I’d be happy to send you a copy of the video recorded from one of my cameras.

I’ve had the same issue with all seven of my V3 cameras as well. I contacted support as well and they told me that my upload speed was too slow. So I decided to try to test that theory and only have a single camera on and recording. I wasn’t surprised at all when the problem was still there. My V2 cameras never had that issue. I’ve also had 3 out of the 7 AC/USB chargers go bad within 6 months. Every one of my cameras are hooked up to a surge protector and they have all gone bad randomly on nice days.

Yes, the randomly going bad on good days really makes sense to me. I think there’s an issue with improper shielding probably in the microphone wires. I think you get a lot of solar radiation especially on nice days and that interferes with the audio signal. I don’t have this problem on any of my other cheap cameras. Only wyze v3. This is a manufacturing error and they are refusing to address it as such. I’m planning on returning my cameras as soon as I get an RMA. The lack of quality control is unacceptable

This is an example of the buzzing noize on one of my cameras. All of the V3 cameras I’ve opend and put in use have had the same issue

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All 8 of my V3s have done it since I bought them. Some were bought 12 months ago and some a couple of months ago.

Luckily I do not need sound detection so I turned it off. I am in the UK so returning them is difficult.

I have been using them with a 2 year old Samsung phone and they were noisy but now I have a brand new Sony… and the noise is still there.

I have the same problem too. If I knew this was a recurring problem, I would have likely not purchased this one.

I have 11 v3 cams. None of them have the static sound when listening through the app. But that’s because every time I bought one that had that sound, I immediately returned it and bought a new one. Of the 11 cameras, at least 3 of them had this issue. All are great now with just a very soft hiss when I turn on the audio and turn the volume up. If anything, I wish I could turn the volume up a bit more.

I have an assortment of cameras including 3 v3 cams. All 3 v3 cameras have exactly the same audio issue as posted in the May 8 video. None of my other cameras are doing this. I do need the audio to work correctly. Please FIX ASAP!!

I got in touch with support and the processed a warranty replacement. I recommend getting in touch with them via chat or call to process it. Worth the diagnosing and testing that you have to do with them.

The audio has always been that way on both of my V3 since previous update also I’ve noticed if you try to talk with someone on the cam back and forth the entire video and audio codec fail and freeze after 10 to 15 seconds

Yes I am here to help the lost team Wyze
Two ways to get rid of the radio interference!

  1. Add a magnet :magnet: choke in line one or two
    Of them!
  2. Heavy shielded USB cable.
  3. Shorter cable run!
  4. Move to the country far away from transmitting

What happens if you have a cable with out shielding or choke the longe run of cable
Turns the V3 into a radio.
Wyze try these to suggestions to try to help
Your non tech peeps stay with you!
I will try to see if I can make mine go away
If I have time!

That’s what my last one did and I got it replaced twice (first by Amazon, which had the same problem. Then by Wyze, which was perfect).

I was experiencing the same crackling noise on my Wyze Cam v3. The crackling noise would be there during livestream and also in all recordings. I came to this forum to see if there was a solution but didn’t seem to find one. That said, I seemed to have found a workaround shortly after visiting this forum.

Here are the steps I took:

  1. went to the Wyze app and to the camera’s Livestream page
  2. enabled the speak and spoke a few words
  3. then disabled speak
  4. then enabled speak again to speak a few more words
  5. then disabled speak

Now I don’t have any crackling sounds on the livestream or recordings…

It seems to have solved the problem for now. Might be worth giving these steps a try to see if you see the same results. I’m thinking this is some firmware bug that Wyze can fix so I’m hoping they come across this post and provide an update to fix this problem.


Glad it worked for you. I tried it on several of mine and it didn’t work.

I have a V3 that has intermittently done that since I got it. Tried all the troubleshooting but nothing fixes it. It will all of a sudden drop the noise but in the next 5 minutes it may come back. Have substituted another V3 and no noise so it appears it’s not location problem as the problem follows the camera. Gave up trying to fix it.

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Same here with all my v3’s. Some indoors some outside. All pick up constant static noise making them useless for any audio purpose.

Been a backer since the beginning and so disappointed in where the products have gone. And no technical support help for such a big issue.

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Crackling problem came back shortly after I posted this note. The steps I listed do fix the problem temporarily (only for a few hours it seems). Is this a hardware problem and did getting another device fix the problem for you?

Hi rold2ce, I’m not sure I understood your response. Did substituting for another V3 fix the noise problem for you?