Wyze Cam V3 and Wasserstein Alarm Clock Wyze Cam V3 Camera Case - IR issue

Wasserstein Alarm Clock Wyze Cam V3 Camera Case ORDER # (IR Issue)

  1. I installed a Wyze Cam V3 (software current, IR off) into the Alarm Camera case. I turned the Clock IR to Auto. The Cam worked well in daylight.
  2. The night vision function of the cam did not work at all black screen. I switched out the Wyze cam to see if was the Wyze cam or the Alarm Camera IR issue. The new cam result was the same “total darkness”.
  3. I set up the original Wyze cam in the other room, and it indicated the Alarm IR Camera case was clearly working and gave a perfect view of the other room. The issue is clearly in the case.

Not sure if this is a question of the Alarm Camera Case IR (Frequency, Wavelength, Proton Energy) being altered by the Case so the installed Wyze Cam V3 can not recognize it. If anybody has insite to this issue I would appreciate it

You said you have the cameras IR turned off (correct as indicated by the Wasserstein information), but did you have the camera set to Auto mode? If the camera was locked in Day mode, you would get exactly what you describe. Select the camera in the App, click the gear for settings, then Advanced Settings, and verify Night Vision Mode. Should be set to Auto.


Thanks for your help. I went back and checked my settings and I did that. I set the setting to off and then auto and rebooted the cam. I will see what happens tonight and get back with you. Appreciate it

It’s the same issue as yesterday with a night black screen. I switched out V3 cams in the middle of the night with the same result. I’m on the Beta program but it should not impact this. Does not make any sense. The case is just a piece of synthetic lens that works well during the day but not at night and an IR illuminator that works. I’m going to send it back and order another.
One of these days I will get a simple issue. I have wasted enough time on this so I’m going to send it back and order another.