Wasserstein Alarm Clock Hidden Wyze Cam V3 Camera Case

on my internet travels this evening, I stumbled upon this product that may or may not be of interest to others…

that it is all…



OMG. That is a bit creepy… :flushed:


Gee, Uncle Ted, what happened to the other two thirds of your clock display?


Your daughter’s boyfriend is not going to like that.

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Yes, I also thought the missing part of the ‘display’ was a bit odd.


I did not see thiis forum today when I posted an issue i had with this wWasserstein product
Wasserstein Alarm Clock Wyze Cam IR V3 Camera Case

  1. I installed a Wyze Cam V3 (software current, IR off) into the Alarm Camera case. I turned the Clock IR to Auto. The Cam worked well in daylight,
  2. The night vision function of the cam did not work at all. I switched out the Wyze cam to see if was the Wyze cam or the Alarm Camera IR issue. The new cam result was the same “total darkness”.
  3. I set up the original Wyze cam in the other room (turned off it’s IR), and aimed it towards the Alarm IR The image was perfect so Camera case IR was clearly working. The issue is clearly with the case window but I have not seen it in any reviews.
    Has anyone with a V3 and this case had any problems with this in the past? I read one review that very poorly addressed this issue.
    Some how the IR (Wavelength, frequency or Proton Energy) receivable image to V3 changes thru the case window?