Wyze Cam V2 Won't Connect

received the noise canceling headphones today i put them on and could hear my refrigerator running so I guess thats a wash as well

So You have tried the other new camera?

These are not ANC headphones.

No i’m just sending everything back

Nice talking with you guys, I’m tuning out.

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Huh? Sure they are. You can’t even turn it off (though that may have changed).

I found out that my wifi provider (Comcast) made some network changes to my service. So in the wifi settings for 2.4GHz, I changed the WiFi Mode from 802.11 g,n to 802.11 b,g,n. Once I made that change to allow “b”, I was able to connect the camera again.

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I also have comcast. I also changed so network is b,g,n not just g and n. Also turned of 5 hz for the connection. This was on a camera that has been running for at least 2 yrs without problem. I’m having other network problems and trying to decide if it is my firewall or comcast. I have put the camera in front of my firewall so it will not be caught in any potential problem that way. It is just looking at the front door to my business and not really a security problem if someone got into it.

Good luck