Wyze Cam v2 unresponsive after firmware upgrade

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do NOT upgrade the firmware!

Thanks! I Will now.

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Add me to the list of folks with an upgraded Wyze Cam v2 who, after upgrading to the latest firmware (, is stuck with a solid yellow light that persists between firmware flashes, attempted factory resets, power cycles, etc.

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I just viewed my camera and it’s the new version Pan v2. I received a pop up asking me if I’d like to update the firmware. I laughed out loud and said, “Oh HELL nah!”

I suggest Wyze should pause the firmware rollout.

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Add me to the list of people that got their V2 bricked by the latest firmware. I only set it up a few days ago too… I’ve tried all the suggested steps with no luck. Is there somewhere to find older firmware since Wyze has removed them? 1002 didn’t work and I’d like to test others. It was on before, but I don’t even see that listed.

1002 is the last known working better version. the version before is 860
I am still on 1002.

It would be nice if they acknowledged that there is a bug in this release, prior to releasing a fix. Bricking customer devices is a really bad way to build a company.


Totally agree.

Wirst part is as user you will never know when the system is needed.


I have been able to collect a few more Ismart cameras and now my system is at ten cameras. I have had zero issues with ismart and have been using them since 2015. They did go out of business and now meshare handles their cloud services. They are having a black friday sale for their annual subscriptions.
I love Ismart. I can watch them via the app or online without any issues! I also get real time notifications pushed through my cell! The only reason I got a wyze camera was they were on sale. So i have a total of 12 cameras but only use 10 ismart consistently.