Wyze Cam v2 - time lapse and continuous don't work

I bought my first Wyze Cam v2. I have a 32GB Samsung microSD card preformatted to FAT32. Once I put it in the camera I formatted it in settings because I couldn’t get auto recordings going. I was finally able to upgrade the firmware to version yesterday. Today the new 193 version is out but it fails to install OTA.

I’ve followed everything the link below but I still can’t get it working. It just does nothing.

Time Lapse says its going and I can let the time come and go but nothing writes to the SD card.

I can use the card in my PC and read and write just fine. I can manually record on the camera and it saves to the card just fine. But anything auto doesn’t work. What am I missing?


Running, the Cam formats my 32 GB Samsung microSD, but I then get a report that the card has only 0.25 GB of memory on it. So there is no space on the microSD for continuous recordings.

I have a dozen cameras running older SW which work perfectly with the same brand/size microSD. I have changed microSDs and experience the same problem.

So I have installed that microSD in a factory fresh Cam and left it running That cam has no problem formatting the microSD for its full 32GB.

So I infer that microSD formatting is broken in Hopefully someone at Wyze is not so busy with all the new products that they can find time to fix this problem in a build.

I worked around this problem byu formatting the microSD in a Casm running and then transfering the card to a Cam running