Wyze cam v2 radio interference motion lights

Here is a for what it’s worth. I have a flood light fixture under the eaves at the corner of my house. I replaced the halogens with two motion sensing led floods. The floods point in different directions and operate independently on pir motion. They have worked fine. Few days ago I installed a v2 in that same corner under the eaves 1 foot away from the floods and not in line of sight of either. Now when the camera is powered up, about 20 seconds later one motion flood will turn on followed a few seconds later by the other. The floods will stay on as long as the camera is plugged in. I turned off the night vision light on the camera and that did nothing. Turns out this is probably a radio interference problem causing the lights to be turned when the camera turns on. Ham radio folks talk about this happening when they would broadcast on certain frequency ranges. Thoughts…?