Wyze cam v2 playback bar not aligned properly

Hey all,
I’ve had a weird problem with playback on my two wyze cam v2 for the last few months. Each has the same problem. When I playback video…on the timeline that shows up there are the greenish areas where videos were recorded. I move the playbar “bar” to an area where video was captured. The bar moves over and starts playing but not at the position indicated. Often times it is playing back with the play bar in a blank area on the timeline. It is very tedious if not impossible to try to watch the playback with this issue since you cannot line the playback bar up within the section you want to view. Its hard to describe but i think that captures the issue . Both cameras do the same thing.

camera firmware version
wyze app version 2.20.21 on android

i’ve tried to format the sd cards
i’ve tried to remove and readd the cameras
i’ve tried to reset the cameras
nothing fixes it.

thats for the suggestion. I just tried it on both the cameras, sadly no luck.