Wyze Cam v2 now works with Alexa!

My echo show v1 will bring up a Wyze loading screen when I issue the voice command but will timeout and say the camera is not responding.

I get that every now and again. It seems to have something to do with signal strength. I am in a condo so the the farthest anything is from the WiFi is about 25 feet. Yet when I look at signal strength for any given camera it varies significantly over the course of a day.

Not sure why the variability but it is what it is. I have had entire days where Wyze and Ring cameras could not connect with Alexa. Then other days where the connections were quick.

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Is there a projected date when the Wyze Sense products will be discoverable by Alexa too?

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Hi All,

Having issues with my Wyze Cam v2 on my Alexa device. I use this as a baby monitor, and with our Amazon cloud cam the image/sound stays on all night long. I have no problem getting my Wyze cam to appear on my Echo Show or Tablet, but it goes off after about 10 minutes. Is there anyway to keep it on there all night…or perhaps even more than 10 minutes? I do not have the same issues using the phone app…it stays on all night.


There is a 10 minute timeout on Alexa. Please see this support article.


Wow. Is there a plan to change that on the roadmap? Is there a reason for that restriction?

My understanding is that the restriction was imposed by Amazon.

Somehow other cameras have gotten around the restriction. I’ll look on roadmap. Thanks

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It does work but the buffering time is alot it juat shows me an image and then starts buffering and another image and again buffering .so long story short i cant see the video stream

In the past there was always the 10 minute time out , Buffering was not happening at all, But the day before yesterday While using this function Buffering was Ridiculous

Will you be releasing the Alexa skill in the UK anytime soon?

I am aware there are a growing number of Wyze Cam users here


Please hop over to the link below and read through it. If you like, you can add your vote by clicking the VOTE button at the top and add any comments as a reply.

I am having the same problem yinpat was having. Some days it connects easy. Others, it times out. When it times out on my echo show or fire tv cube, I am still able to connect via the app on my phone. So, it is not an issue of camera connection, but seems like my amazon devices just have trouble connecting. Is there a planned update or fix that will make Alexa work better with my Wyze cams?

Specifically what cameras out of curiosity? I have Blink, Ring, Arlo, Wyze cameras myself and all are subject to the 10 minute max window on an Echo Show Gen 2?

WOOOOOOOOW been offline for a while getting into the bike life LOL…you guys are freakin awesome…I am playing catch up will all the latest. I am so glad I became a “WYZER” money well spent and will put my system up against those who claim to be the “Top Security” company. Thanks guys!!!

I suppose it’s an unfair comparison, but the Amazon Cloud Cam stays on indefinitely–we use it as a baby monitor.

No, it’s perfectly fair. Google owns Nest, and Amazon of course owns their cloud cams. Makes perfect sense the owners would exempt their own stuff.

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Does this work with the Alexa Microsoft app? I’m able to view my wyze cam through my echo show but the windows app says “Sorry I couldn’t find a device named [camera name].”

I’m able to view my echo show and video call my echo show through the windows app so I know it has the capability.

I know you cannot view a camera through the Alexa app on iOS so it may be the same for the windows app. I can view mine on an Echo Show, Echo Spot, and an Amazon FireTV but nothing else via Alexa yet.