Wyze cam V2 just show pictures even with camplus subscription

I have one licence camplus for my came v2, since last week(20,March,2022), when I check event and selected, it is just show picture and I am not able to play back. Can anybody help me how can fix this problem, I rebooted camera 3 time , firmware and app update.
Thank you so much

You have to subscribe to cam plus lite to continue getting event videos. Wyze sent out numerous in app and email notifications since the beginning of the year regarding this change.

There is a name your price, free, option to subscribe. Search the forum for cam plus lite and you should be able to find the walk through.

Check this setting for your camera:

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Thank you for replying, but as I say I have camplus and I paid for that so should be give me full functional, why I have to select camplus lite with 12 second record.
Thank you

Did you check the setting for the camera as I suggested? That limits the upload to thumbnails if not set to video.

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I tried but I don’t have options for selected recording type,
I have those option.
Detects Motions
Detects sound
Smart Detection
I screen shot.i hope help.

Hi again I subscribe with Cam plus lite but when I try to activate give me this massage.

Looks as long as I have camplus subscription I am not able to use camplus lite too.
Thank you

If your camera already has a cam plus or cam plus pro subscription, you don’t need a cam plus lite. But if you have cameras that aren’t on a cam plus subscription then cam plus lite would be what you want.

You’re right. The toggle isn’t there for CamPlus. I only have one camera running CamPlus and hadn’t noticed the differences in the screens.

Here is another link about the same problem:

Some additional thoughts:
What phone OS version and App version?
Which firmware version on the camera?
Try clearing cache on the phone, logout, login, reboot phone.
You can try removing CamPlus from the camera and re-apply it.
Last choice, delete the camera and re-add to your account.

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