Cam V3 losing person detection AGAIN!

As of Yesterday (or maybe the day before) I lost person detection on my V3 (with Cam Plus). And then it stopped leaving a notifications. Although the video would be in the events playback timeline (with requisite green boxes all around). No changes to the app by me or the settings. Simply Resetting the camera from the app did not improve things. I hade to delete the Camera and put it back in AGAIN! to get it to start getting Person Detection with my Cam Plus subscription.
It’s like February all over again. I don’t want to make it difficult for anyone but I am disabled and rely on these cams (my other 2 are V2 (on Cam Plus Lite) and didn’t seem to be affected).
I can’t be deleting and resetting the Cam every couple of days. I just don’t have it in me.
What server-side changes did you make 1 or 2 days ago? What ever they were were bad, bad, bad. PLZ stop f-ing working software without thoroughly beta testing the crap out of it. REALLY AND TRULY!
Any other thoughts would help. Android app and firmware all up to date on all 3 cams.

Did you try to clear the cache and sign out of app then back in

no i didn’t try that. it’s never helped in the past so i didn’t bother. If the s/w was worth a *hit I wouldn’t need to do that anyway. I was sure someone would pull out a random thing to say that I hadn’t done. I just want the Cams to keep working for more than 3-4 weeks at a time. The downtime is atrocious. I couldn’t imagine being one of the forum members that have 30+ cams overall. They must have been driven insane by all the crap that Wyze is doing with person detection. I never saw a good answer as to what the problem was last month with losing person detection when Cam Plus Lite rolled out. my frustration level has reached it’s MAXIMUM. I’ve had Arlo cams, Yi Cams and now Wyze. And they all F-it-up in the firmware or the app that makes them unusable and unreliable. Software Devs these days don’t seem to know what the heck they are doing. I JUST WANT A STABLE PRODUCT!

Interesting we allways do the group firmware updates,it might takeb2-3times to get them all,but we have never had an issue after updating so good luck on your issue