Wyze Cam V2 high pitch squeal noise from microphone

Out of 4 Wyze Cam V2 cameras, one of them has a noise when you listen to the camera’s microphone. It is like a high pitched squeal noise, you can talk though the phone and hear everything fine on the camera end and you can hear what comes through on the phone end but when you are just listening to the surrounding area of the camera it has a high pitched squeal noise. The other three cameras are fine and do not have this noise. Anyone ever run into this problem?

I’ve heard that on my Samsung (but not Wyze) camera when I use the phone app right next to the camera. When I have it listen to the sound over the app, it sends it back to the camera and then back to the phone and over and over again until it gets amplified to a weird echo/squeal kind of sound. The classic case of audio feedback. Perhaps that’s what is happening with you. Or are you in a different location? Are you listening to the camera with your speaker’s “loud” speaker (into the room), or listening to it via the small earpiece speaker?

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The camera is located outside at garage location. The other 3 are also outside. The squealing comes through the phone while indoors far away from the camera. The other 3 do not make the noise.