Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan Firmware 4.X.9.1433 Released 9/27/2022 (Slow Rollout)

This company became just horrible

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You still have the option to flash the firmware back.

Just because Wyze removed the link doesn’t mean the file isn’t still available.




The issue I’ve found is that the 2 cam pan v1’s I bought in 2019 can be flashed back to 1002, but the 2 cam pan v1’s I bought in 2020 cannot.

The two v1’s from 2020 remain stuck on 1433 and refuse to re-connect after powerdown/powerup.


Mine are the black v2 cams, and all the ones I have with 1433 are acting this way. The one black v2 I have that is not running 1433 is still working great. …won’t be upgrading that until Wyze releases a more stable firmware for it.

I had a similar experience talking to tech support last week, and was not impressed. They are usually more helpful. Or at least more honest about this being a widespread issue with the new firmware, instead of acting as if I was the first and only caller with this problem.

All 5 of updated v2 and pan v1 cams suddenly shows choppy video play back as v3 cam issue. I’ve never have this problem before with v2. This new firmware( caused new headache. Other 2 were failed update with unknown reason, but I won’t upgrade them, ever.

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The video quality issue with .1433 on the PanV1 was reported during the Beta test of the firmware:

And also above after release:

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In Beta test, I can accept that. But 1433 is released version. No one can’t accept this lazy level of QC.

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I recon wyze expect you to buy their new cameras… but… anyone who experienced the wyze dont care abouts and dodgyness will turn away from wyze forever. I wont buy anything from them thats for sure

I was able to downgrade my v2 cams, however for some reason, I can’t downgrade my pan v1. I go through the same steps but it keeps coming back up with the broken 1433 firmware. I’m not sure what’s going on.

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Same here with cam pan v1’s.

The 2 cam pan v1’s I bought in 2019 were able to flash back to FW 1002.

The 2 cam pan v1’s I bought in 2020 remain stuck on 1433 despite following the same exact process used to flash back the 2019 cameras.

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Was beginning to think I had mine squared away, but one of them had to be reconnected again today :unamused:. This is growing tiresome. Does anyone know if they have a beta for the next firmware yet?


Did you volunteer for the Beta program?

No. Not sure how to do that.

And actually apprehensive that, given what they’ve already done with 1433, they may cause even further damage with their “experimentation.” :slight_smile:

The beta program is full :unamused:. And that one blasted camera keeps dropping off again :rage:

.1472 is still in Beta. I have not seen any public release for update to those not in the beta program.

If you did not sign up for the beta program and designate the cam as a Beta device, you wouldn’t be offered the update.

Also, the Beta .1472 isn’t being pushed. It is a voluntary update for beta testers who choose to update.

For Android, keep trying using the sign up link in the Wyze Web Page.

Testers are in and out regularly so an opening may come up quickly.

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I don’t see any change! I did the app update this morning. And am still seeing ERROR 3001… Apparently just saying it’s fixed doesn’t make it so.

This thread is for the V2 and PanV1 Public Production Firmware 4.X.9.1433. NOT the most recent Public Release firmware versions for these cams.

Perhaps you should post about your Error 3001 issues in the most recent Firmware Update Announcement Thread for the current version that was announced to have fixed the issue:

Or, if this is an app issue rather than a firmware issue, you can post in the App Update Announcement Thread for the update that you mentioned.

Did the new events recorded from the firmware still have the 3001 issue? Please let me know if the issue still happened on the new firmware. Thank you.