Wyze Cam v1 and Wyze Cam Pan firmware released

One of my Pans is remote. As a rule of thumb, I only update when I’m physically at that location. That goes for all devices I have there.

Now, I certainly realize the distance can be an issue. For that, it may help to have the Pan plugged into a plug that can be turned off and on remotely in the event you can reboot it via the app.

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Thanks Roy,

Anjel has also been communicating with me concerning the several sets of logs I’d sent in last month.

Suggestion - could they make this new local recording zone & sensitivity optional within the app? Personally, I much prefer the camera operation when the local storage was more independent.

Hey there, ever since the firmware update, all 3 of my pans can’t hold a signal. No changes in network, and the only devices impacted are the cams. “Connection failed error code 27”. This has been going on for days. Please help!

Same, however I updated 4 remote Pan’s when I was on site and everything was working fine. This was this past weekend and ever since then I’ve had to restart all of them multiple times. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to get past Authentication, others the stream rate would just drop to 0 and appear to hang. Luckily I was able to connect, so I was able to use the restart command.

Now, one of them went offline and even after having someone on location power cycle it, I’m not getting a response after 15 minutes. Will have to try again.

The cameras were definitely much more stable before the firmware update. I’ve had them running for months without needing to perform a single restart.

edit: corrected when I updated.

I recently updated both of my Wyze Pan cameras to the latest firmware and the motion tagging and tracking features are not working at all.

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This is a known issue affecting some (but not all) Pan Cams when updating to the firmware. The devs are aware and working on a solution. In the mean time, here’s a workaround:

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So what do you do if you have the most current firmware installed on the cam and the app updated to2.3.16 and motion tracking still does not work.

The key here is to first downgrade the firmware and then re-upgrade it. It’s a strange kind of bug where the firmware itself is not the issue but rather the initial upgrade that messed things up. This may be why it’s taking a while for the devs to come up with a fix.


I wonder if this is the same bug that is causing Cam pans to not detect motion at all .
Mine does detect Motion , And tagging works , I don’t know about tracking I don’t use it

How do you downgrade the firmware?


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I appreciate the link but this is sowhat gibberish to me. I dont even understand what it is asking me to do in step 2

Sorry , Best I can do for ya , I can’t really explain it to you because I have never done it .
I don’t want to just guess And gave you wrong information

It is a bit on the techie side. Here’s a breakdown of what’s required in step 2:

  1. Here are the links directly to the .50 and .40 firmwares:


  1. When you click each of these, it should download a file ending in .zip to your computer (you need to be on a computer to do this).

  2. Expand the compressed .zip file. This is usually done by double clicking it. On some computers, it will expand automatically. The result will be a file called “demo.bin”. If that’s not the exact hame it gets (eg, sometimes it ends up demo.bin.bin), then rename it to “demo.bin”.

  3. Insert your microSD card into the computer. Copy the demo.bin file over to the top level of the SD card directory. Make sure it’s the only file/folder there. Delete any others.

  4. Eject the SD card from the computer.

  5. Continue with step 3 in the instructions.


This needs to be a “stickie” at the top of the “Ask the Community” forum until the problem goes away.

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Also note, there is an issue with the size of the SD card. My larger card wouldn’t get the blue light after holding the setup button. My 2GB card did. Fortunately I found this on another solution board, But it would be helpful to update the instructions.

What capacity is your “larger” card?

It was 64 GB

Wyze gets flaky when using cards larger than 32GB. It’s a File Allocation Table (FAT) limit.

We apologize for the firmware trouble, folks. We’re looking into the Wyze Cam Pan firmware and we’re working on a fix. If you are having trouble with motion detection after upgrading, please send us a log through Account > Help & Feedback > Report an Issue. Then please give me your support ticket number so I can give it to the dev side. We’re sorry about this and will fix it as soon as we can.