Wyze Cam setup Issues

I am having some issues setting up a wyzecam on a new location. My wife moved places. Wyze cam was working before on previous location/wifi.
On new location, I deleted the device and try setting up again
I can hear voice prompt and the camera reads the barcode. After that, phone stays trying to connect to the camera and never finds it.
I tried with two different android phones (pixel 2 and samsung a5).
Appreciate suggestions.

Have you checked the Wyze support pages to see if a solution is there? Here are the Camera Troubleshooting Guides. :slight_smile:

It’s likely that your phones are connecting to a 5GHz WiLAN. If the wireless router at the new location supports both 2.4 and 5GHz, turn off its 5GHz radio before attempting to configure the camera. That will ensure that the android devices are associating with the 2.4GHz radio (the only one that the Wyzecam supports).