Wyze Cam port number?

I want to push my Wyze Cam image to my camera viewing app (IPCam Viewer) so I can consolidate many different views. The IP address is easy to find, via my Google Mesh app, but how can locate the WyzeCam port so that I can enable port forwarding? Do all Wyze Cams use a default port number?


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This isn’t currently available, but I believe it’s in the works. Per the FAQ:
Does the WyzeCam support IP camera streaming services like RTSP?
The WyzeCam does not support IP camera streaming services like RTSP.

We understand this is a popular request from our customers. Our engineering team is evaluating this feature for future development.

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Soooooooo…if as stated by Wyze staff above over 1 year ago, that it is being “worked on”…is there an upgrade at least to the App’s that allow multi view watching? (without going to a 3rd party App?

See the Grouping section of the guide here:

Or this:

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Also, RSTP is available now, which would allow for IPCam Viewer integration: https://support.wyzecam.com/hc/en-us/articles/360026245231-Wyze-Cam-RTSP

You can view all your Wyze cams on a single page by putting all the cameras that you want to see on one screen of either your phone or via blustacks on a PC monitor by creating a camera group and adding all the cameras to the group depending on how many cameras you have and the size of the screen that the app is on depends on whether you get them in a list view or in a cube type you such as 4 x 4 or 6 x 6 Also if you don’t like the view that it’s giving you like if it’s showing you as a list like the Screenshots I will attach from my cell phone which is an iPhone and you want a 4 x 4 cubes try rotating the screen or if you’re using blue stacks tell it to rotate the direction or orientation of the device

The same three stack view that I uploaded a screenshot from my cell phone I have that as the view on a 32 inch desktop monitor running blustacks with the monitor going the long ways and having blustacks rotate the orientation of the phone to show it that way instead of a skinny screen down the middle of my wide screen monitor

This is my cell phone view I guess it would be portrait

It does suck that you can’t ask like a Google home hub max or whatever to display multiple cameras but the workaround I found that works the best is blue stacks

I’m not at the computer that has the monitor mounted the correct way but I’ll upload a photo of what it looks like on my current computer just picture it with the monitor mounted the correct direction

And sorry for the multiple posts it wouldn’t let me upload more than one image in a reply but yes first image was the example of the 4 x 4 landscape viewing on my cell phone the second photo is the stacked version of the exact same cameras on my cell phone in portrait mode and the third photo is what the monitor would look like running blue stacks on a PC or Mac with the orientation switch from the standard viewing because the standard viewing just gives you a skinny mini app in the middle of your monitor because it fits the app from top to bottom not side to side so I have a monitor mounted long ways top to bottom portrait mode I guess you would call it that’s the only thing I can think of to call it right now on my wall way high up in the living room so that way if you’re walking to the front door or wherever you can quickly take a glance and see who’s at the front door and what not and the glare in the cameras is because they’re currently sitting in windows because we just moved into a new place so haven’t mounted everything yet and yes if you are using a cam pan version one or two you can swipe across the screen in the box for that camera and the camera will rotate without having to click into the camera and then swipe or click the button to move it I currently have that version of cameras at my rental property in a separate group of cameras on my main Wyze app screen So once I open the app I can either select the group of cameras for my personal home and see them all on one screen or select the group of cameras at my rental property and view all of them on one screen with the ability to swipe across that cameras viewing and have it rotate the Cam Pan camera in the direction I swipe and only two of the cameras currently have cam plus subscriptions (cam v3 & cam v2 have cam plus) all the other cameras are just standard comes with the camera features no cam lite no nothing like that so you can do this without having to pay extra either